When you’re given a terminal diagnosis

It's good to have friends

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Palliative Care

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with terminal illness.

It focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a terminal illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. The care and alleviation of stress and pain for those who are suffering in the final days and weeks of their life is a measure of our compassion as a community.

Friends Of Nioka

‘Nioka’ is a dedicated palliative care ward that has served the Tamworth region for over 40 years.

Nioka delivers high quality palliative care and consistently receives heartfelt thanks from friends and family of patients who feel Nioka makes this difficult time easier.

During the last 15 years Nioka services have been enhanced by the dedicated support of a team of volunteers and friends. This volunteer support group is now known as Friends of Nioka (FoN).

We help make difficult times a little bit easier...

How We Help

Recruiting Volunteers

We believe that greater community awareness and engagement with palliative services will help strengthen the provision and access of these services to patients.

We work within the community and with local media outlets to start essential conversations about palliative care and meet regularly with Hunter New England Health to give community feedback on the Provision of Palliative Care services in the Region.

How We Help

Community Engagement

Friends of Nioka recruits volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help assist Nioka staff and provide that little bit of extra attention to palliative patients.

As staff are busy performing essential duties to the care of patients and running of the ward, our volunteers step in to help provide patients with company, emotional support, entertainment and help with errands.

How We Help

Lobbying Government

We actively lobby state and federal governments for improvements in palliative services where we believe there are shortfalls.

We believe patients managing terminal illness should have choice in were they receive excellent treatment & care. As many people choose to receive palliative services in their own home, we advocate for the provision of these services.

How We Help

Raising Money

We help fund hospital equipment and home-care equipment for patients at home.

In 2014-15 we donated over $200,000 for the Furnishing of the New Palliative Care Ward of the Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital.

We provide newspapers, coffee, water, soft furnishings etc because little luxuries can make all the difference when managing illness.

Friends Of Nioka Logo

Get Involved

Many people have Joined Friends of Nioka to support the services who have helped them during this stressful time, and find comfort in spending time with other people with similar experiences of loss.

The Friends of Nioka meet on the First Tuesday of the Month in the St Andrew’s Room at Tamworth City Uniting Church in Marius Street at 7pm. Membership fee is $10 per Family per Year. All Members receive a monthly newsletter advising of activities being conducted by Friends of Nioka which are a mix of Fundraising and Social.

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